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Echoes of Eternity

Echoes of Eternity
Release date
25 September 2014
Echoes of Eternity
25 September 2014 | Chillout/Ambient

The Story

My first official EP digitally released on Galileo Dreams Recordings. ‘Shadows and Dust’ is inspired by my love for classic 80s Synthpop and modern day Chillout music. The track is a definite departure from my token video game Trance that I usually produce, which is ironic because ‘Shadows’ is one of my most well-received tracks. I might be in the wrong genre!

The title itself is pulled from the film ‘Gladiator’, where Proximo describes our existence as being nothing more than shadows and dust, which he profoundly reiterates during his last breath. The shadows we cast while living and the dust we leave upon death are outlived by the legacy we leave behind. My legacy will be the music and written work I’ve created. I may be a small shadow created from dust, but these stone pillars will stand against the wind’s of time, allowing me to leave an everlasting mark on the world.