21 Dec 2025 |

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The 30th Birthday

That’s right. I’ve finally gained enough experience points to reach level 30. No longer will I be in the awkward void of the 20s, where my life had little direction and responsibility. It’s time to make real mistakes – mistakes that could ruin the rest of my life like children, a mortgage and marriage.

Jokes aside, here I am still writing music. Sixteen years…I can’t believe it. That’s a long time to stick to a hobby. It hasn’t been easy though. There have been plenty of times when I questioned why I was still writing music. I never could come up with a good answer, I just kept doing it. I never grew out of it apparently.

Will I be writing music when I hit 40? I couldn’t say. Will I look back and show my kids and grandchildren what I’ve created? Of course and that’s something I can definitely look forward to. So here’s to 10 more years and whatever they might bring!


December 21st, 2013

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